Our Product Range

We manufacture high quality ophthalmic devices which are 100% reliable through constant progressive innovation. We are dedicated towards our vision to help the ophthalmic community improve the lives of their patients through our Ophtalmic products.

4-Mirror Goniolens
Diagnostic and Surgical Lenses
Trephine Punch (Vacuum)
Keratoplasty and Cornea
Fluoro Touch diagnostic strip
Diagnostic Strips
Vitrectomy Lens Set
Vitero Retina
Iris Care (Flexible Iris Retractors)
Cataract and IOL
PVA Sponge Spears
Fluid Management Devices
Irrigating & Aspirating Cannula
Ophthalmic Cannulas
Phaco Practice Eye Fixation Head
Teaching and Training Devices
CAM Vision Stimulator
Madhu Instruments

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